About Us

About The Way To Say It:

The Way to Say It is an independent training company with education, hands-on experience, and a personal dedication to teaching communications skills that foster personal development, improved performance and powerful results.

Mission:the way to say it. Donna Karson.

Help individuals and groups learn to communicate with honesty, integrity and respect through real conversations and The Way to Say It mindset.


The Way to Say It is a source of information, guidance, direction and training in how to communicate honestly, directly, boldly and effectively. This focus changes relationships and creates powerful outcomes with each conversation.

We use years of business management, coaching skills and communications expertise to teach others how to lean in to difficult, uncomfortable and critical conversations. The results are dramatic, and the relationships authentic, both in the workplace and at home.

The Way to Say It Methods:

Workshops, classes, blogging and private guidance to move from fear-based, indirect or avoided communication to direct, high integrity, honest conversations in the workplace and at home.

Workshop Offerings:


  •  Gender Speak: Making Sense of Gender Communication Differences
  •  The Way to Say It: Finding the Right Words for Difficult Conversations
  •  Criticism You Can Deliver, They Can Hear, and Everyone Can Learn From
  •  Business Writing with Ease: Expressing Yourself in Emails and on Paper
  •  Communication that Connect Using DiSC Behavioral Styles

Behavioral Styles:

  • Introduction to DiSC Behavioral Styles
  •  How to Be A Networking Magnet with DiSC
  •  DiSC, the Language of Successful Negotiations
  •  Communications that Connect Using DiSC Behavioral Styles
  •  Better Business Relationships with DiSC

About Donna Karson:

Maybe it was a New Jersey upbringing. Maybe it was her coaching training and experience. Or maybe it was years of learning, herself, how to word things so people could hear the message without shooting Donna Karson _  effective communication trainer.the messenger, that made Donna commit to authentic, bold, honest conversation. Whatever it was, Donna is passionate about teaching others The Way to Say It. Passionate about helping them move out of a communication style that encourages hiding out, double-speak, and an aversion to dealing honestly with difficult and uncomfortable conversations.

Training was always part of her work regardless of her title.  From training 300 employees on a new phone system, to preparing materials and training a national sales force, Donna repeatedly stepped  into training roles while in corporate. Finally in 2002 she committed to training full time. She added multiple training certifications to her MBA credentials to offer audiences more depth, more expertise.

Her audiences describe her presentation style as warm, energetic, and easily able to hold their attention. According to one workshop attendee, “Donna engages her audience, gets them thinking, and inspires them to use the knowledge effectively once they leave her workshops.”

With The Way to Say It training, Donna guides her participants to step out of old communication styles and habits, to say what needs to be said. Whether the subject is uncomfortable, a bit scary, or just  downright delicate, she helps audiences shift their thinking, let go of old beliefs and begin  communicating powerfully, honestly and authentically. Relationships change. Outcomes change.

Follow her blog or contact her office for more info on The Way to Say It for your team or yourself.