49 Difficult Conversations: Which Ones Are You Avoiding?….Or Don’t You Want to Talk About It?

Difficult conversations. Life is full of them. More often than not people avoid them. They are uncomfortable. Embarrassing. Wrought with tension. They can be emotional. Are almost always awkward and well, they are just plain difficult. There are … [Continue reading]

Office Talk: Ten Changes to Make Now

 To immediately improve your communications at home and in the office, make these "don'ts" rules to live by. Don’t begin sentences with “honestly, truthfully, frankly, or to be honest.”  Doing so implies that what you said before might not be … [Continue reading]

Ten Questions to Stop a Complaining Employee

crying man

Day at the office started off well enough, until your employee started in again complaining about his coworker.  Not only is it getting old, it is wasting valuable time and distracting your employee from his work. He is focused on the co-worker, … [Continue reading]

Before You Say Another Word, Are You Guilty of Using These 30 Phrases at Work?

Every group seems to have its own insider language. Phrases that are commonly used. Abbreviations that everyone knows. Shortcuts to speed up communication. And of course, jargon and overused terms that are repeated ad infinitum in conversation. It's … [Continue reading]

Can’t Say “No?”

mom no to child

I have a serious question. How can we expect children to say “no” when we as adults struggle to say it ourselves? We see it everywhere. Parents caving in to their children’s wishes, even after they already said “no.” It might be a request to buy … [Continue reading]

Are These 20 Phrases Damaging Your Career and Holding You Back at Work?

holding woman back at office

Some phrases we learn from our parents. Some we pick up listening to others. Some are just filler that make us more comfortable when we're speaking. Many, unfortunately, are ineffective in creating great communications. Check these out. Do they … [Continue reading]

The Way to Say It at the Office: Your Boss Wants Solutions Not Just Problems

no dumping allowed two

Recently a friend of mine….a CEO…was sharing his number one frustration with employees: Bringing Problems without Solutions       After questioning other managers, business owners and presidents of companies in my network, I discovered my friend … [Continue reading]

Stop Being Being a Scaredy Cat….Just Ask

Donna Karson Personal Coach & Business Trainer

What is it? What is so hard about asking questions? Is it simply fear of not getting the wanted response? Or fear of what others may think of us for asking? Here are some thoughts to reframe how you think about asking and reduce any hesitation you … [Continue reading]

Ladies, Are You an Apology Addict?

women apologize too much

Women apologize too much. It’s true. Just observe your female friends for a few days or weeks and you’ll notice without a doubt, many women apologize too much. Not only too often but for too many things. Some women even make apologies for things … [Continue reading]

The Right Words to Turn Down a Reference Request


Recently I’ve gotten numerous requests for testimonials and references.  Providing references is a great way to support those in our network. But suppose the reference request is from someone we hardly know? Or from an individual we never worked … [Continue reading]