Seven Tips on How to Share Your Ideas So Your Boss Will Hear You

skeptical attitudeThe bosses and business owners I talk to all agree on this issue. They want their employees to offer solutions, not just problems. But that doesn’t mean off-the-cuff ideas that have not been thought through or prepared.

Here’s the way to say it soyou’ll know how to deliver your suggestions with the problem you’re addressing:

Be confident, not apologetic – This especially applies to women who can be too apologetic. When presenting your ideas your boss wants to see YOU believe in them, otherwise why should he?

Be concise, not detailed – Your boss will let you know if she wants detail after hearing your suggestions

Be prepared, not off the cuff – In order to be heard, taken seriously and not be viewed as a time- waster, you must have your thoughts in order. Organize yourself. Anticipate questions and be prepared to address them.

Be responsible, not a blamer – Should your solution require talk of the problem in detail, make sure you don’t throw others under the bus. This will only hurt how YOU are viewed.

Be transparent, not manipulative – Good chance your boss is savvy enough to read through manipulation, if not at that moment then further down the line.  Manipulative behaviors will damage your credibility. Not worth the risk.

Be neutral in tone, not dramatic – When reviewing problems, leave the theatrics for Hollywood. It won’t help your case. Just report the facts, the situation and address them.

Be respectful of time, not self-absorbed – Don’t let your opportunity for time with the boss turn into an all-about-me session.  If you do, there won’t likely be much time for you in the future.

listeningConsider implementing these approaches when you deliver your next problem…and its solutions, of course. It will go a long way in your boss valuing your input and not seeing you as part of the problem too!

P.S. Don’t forget to offer more than one workable solution for consideration!